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Kaize 5th September 2002

I heart broadband.


Kaize 9th August 2002

Well, I'm off to the most boring country in Europe for a week. No, not Belgium. I'll be staying in Snowdonia in Wales. Chances of having any kind of 'net access are minimal - partly due to the fact they have yet to discover the "telephone system." Anyways, I'll see you people in a week. Happy holidayz.


Kaize 8th August 2002

Not a lot to update on today, except for a new staff page, and a GSC Daily Event Calendar, poorly written up by myself.


Kaize 6th August 2002

Two new major editions today. GSC Hidden Power and DVs guide, and a Guide for New Trainers. The latter explains and describes the lingo used in many guides/forums for people unfamiliar with it. Both very well written and equally excellent in quality. They are both from evkl of IGN. Major kudos to you.


Kaize 5th August 2002

New for the misc. section; Pokémon Crystal Changes and RBY "Super Pokémon." A shout-out to to NeoEevee for providing those. To add the the ever-growing list of RBY type guides, we have Electric written by Hitmonrich. Oh, and we need GSC guide writters! E-mail me if you're interested.


Kaize 4th August 2002

Well hot-damn. Four updates in four days? I'm thinkin' the lack of activity on the forums is cuz you guys are in shock. Two new fanfics thanks to japaneez pineapple; 'Counting The Days' and 'Tainted Love.' RBY Fighting up, too. Saying that, we are on the look-out for RBY Dragon, Bug, Grass, and Psychic guides to complete the type collection.


Kaize 3rd August 2002
Lotsa stuff to update today. RBY Flying, Ghost, and Water guides up - all very good; I suggest you check them out. Also, RBY Battle Chart and PokéMart FAQs uploaded. Thanks to branners for those two. In other news, we've (finally) started work on the RBY movedex - it shouldn't take too long for this to be completed so stay tuned. And PLEASE make more of an effort to post at the forum! We get almost 10000 page views a day on MP, so we know you're out there!


Kaize 2nd August 2002
Ye-har. Following my plea for guides, seven various pieces of work come in at once. I'll upload them over the next couple of days so I don't run-out of things to write about all at once. :) New for today we have RBY Team Foundations, a second RBY Rock guide, and a GSC Trainer Number Directory. Keep 'em coming!


Kaize 1st August 2002
It's been a long time coming, but get this! We have a new guide! And you people said we'd run out of things to cover. Anyway, it's a GSC guide on Breeding Groups: Useful for people wishing to find out what Pokémon can breed with what Pokémon, and the like. It was written by GS Tommylee, and you can view it here. Having said that, we are looking for people to bring a bit of new material into the place - So if you have any old guides you may have written in the past lying about, or feel like doing something productive for the site, send your work in!


Kaize 29th July 2002
Well, we'd finally settled down in our new home before we had to go off and change the forum again :mad: Anyway, we're all sorted for the future now. We're using the phpbb forum system, which as some of you know is a brilliant fast, secure, and free forum solution. We'll fix the links to the old forum asap. Hm, not really much to update in at the moment. Hopefully a couple of new guides coming in over the next week, and hopefully (if I can bug N-Man) a fresh colour-scheme/layout in the not-so-distant-future. :P Some of us are getting excited about the future release of Pokémon Advance, so if you have any news/pictures, pop along to the forum. That's about it from me for today except for one last thing - you can use avatars on the forums now. Laterz!


Kaize 26th July 2002
Aha. We've finally got around to uploading the website to MP's new home, evereska.net, hosted by N-Man. We've also had to change the old UBB forum system into a Vbulletin. This may seem strange at first, but it does offer much better features and speed than UBB ever could. Check it out here - remember you can log in using your old username! There are still a fair few little fixes and changes to be made following the move, but the bulk of the work has been done. Just give us a few days and things should be back to normal again.


Kaize 1st July 2002
Hello there! We've gone quite a few months without an update, but here comes a rather large one! GolemKong, one of the survivors of Pokémon Daily has teamed up with MP to bring back ALL of the "lost" guides. This should add a fair bit of weight to our already heavy collection of work.


Kaize 30th June 2002
Schools out for summmeer! Ahem. We should be doing a little bit of work over the holidays in an attempt to revive this site. So, we're open to any offers of guides / fics / articles ect.

N-Man 31st March 2002
You should see a couple additions to the RBY Guides section now. I'm still working on more guides and you can expect those tomorrow or even later this night. Keep checking back!


N-Man 29th March 2002
Finally the new lay-out is done! As you can see, it's quite an improvement over the old one! There are still a few guides missing, but I'll add them as soon as possible. The Pokédexes aren't working yet. They'll be uploaded with the next major update!











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