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Well hello people. Here I am now, writing guides. Who woulda thought? ^_^. This guide is only covering Gengar, as it is for R/B/Y, and that is the only fully evolved ghost pokemon anyway. Wow, do I have a lot to write for stats ^_^.

Gengar Level 100
HP 293-323
Attack 198-228
Defense 188-218
Speed 288-318
Special 328-358

Level Moves
0 Lick
0 Confuse ray
0 Night shade
29 Hypnosis
38 Dream eater

TM Compatability

TM 01: Mega punch
TM 05: Mega kick
TM 06: Toxic
TM 08: Body slam
TM 09: Take down
TM 10: Double edge
TM 15: Hyper beam
TM 17: Submission
TM 18: Counter
TM 19: Seismic toss
TM 20: Rage
TM 21: Mega drain
TM 24: Thunderbolt
TM 25: Thunder
TM 29: Psychic
TM 31: Mimic
TM 32: Double team
TM 34: Bide
TM 35: Metronome
TM 36: Selfdestruct
TM 40: Skull bash
TM 42: Dream eater
TM 44: Rest
TM 46: Psywave
TM 47: Explosion
TM 50: Substitute

HM 04: Strength

I love this guy. Why? He kicks ass. Any pokemon that kicks ass is good enough for me. Well, we can obviously see from this tiny chart up here that this pokemon has quite pathetic defense. Also it's attack is seriously lacking up here. That doesn't mean it is bad however. It's speed is pretty damn high, and it has one of the highest specials in the game. Not too shabby, huh?
Well I must admit, I suck at making movesets for pokemon like these. Well, here it goes:

Psychic, Seismic toss, Thunderbolt, Double team

     Double team is just about necessary. Why? It cant learn reflect and it has such low defense. So maybe pull off a double team or two while fighting a pokemon based on special that has to build a slight shield. Preferably a water pokemon, then you can thunderbolt it away. Psychic is there also to take advantage of it's high special. Seismic toss to do 100 damage, and that instead of night shade because it has 5 more power points.

Double team, Rest, Thunderbolt, Psychic

     A double resting gengar! Now this is a pretty good idea, actually, as swift dancers can't touch it with swift! Thunderbolt and psychic are for two special attacks, and they are good against mostly everything. Now a Starmie or another could probably beat this, but hey, nothing is perfect.

Confuse ray, Seismic toss, Rest, Explosion

     This is a good status changing pokemon and useful if you aren't using Double team. Bring it in against something with mostly normal type attacks (which don't affect it) Persian is a perfect example of this. Bring Gengar in, use confuse ray, then switch out for a fast pokemon that can cause paralysis. This can have devestating effects on the opponent's team. Rest is there to remove any statuses Gengar may recieve, and I don't need to tell you what explosion and seismic toss are there for.

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