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G/S Trainer's Phone Numbers


By: No. 288

This guide is a directory of all pokémon trainers that offer to leave their phone numbers with you for future reference in Pokémon Gold and Silver.  Each listing contains the pokémon initially used by trainers, and amount of money gained by defeating them.  The listings are ordered first by where they are found, and then in order of appearance.

*NOTE 1*  Certain trainers have the ability to determine whether a specified wild pokémon is "in season" or not.  What this means, is that certain pokémon can only be caught during a random period of time, and will usually continue to reside in the area specified by the trainer for maybe half an hour.  These pokémon include:  Qwilfish, Dunsparce, Yanma, Snubbull, Remoraid, and Marrill.

These trainers will be marked with "*" referring you to a footnote.

*NOTE 2*  After having a trainer's number stored on your pokégear for a given amount of time, that trainers pokémon may advance in level, or more pokémon may be captured.  This does not, however, increase the amount of money gained by defeating them.

Example:  Hiker Anthony first battles you with Geodude, and Machop.  Eventually, he may have Machamp, Golem, and an Onix.

*NOTE 3*  Goldenrod City has no trainers with numbers.

Trainer Numbers in Johto

  1. Route 30
  2. Route 31
  3. Route 32
  4. Route 33
  5. Route 34
  6. Goldenrod City
  7. Route 35
  8. National Park
  9. Route 36
  10. Route 38
  11. Route 39
  12. Olivine City
  13. Route 42
  14. Route 43
  15. Route 44
  16. Route 45
  17. Route 46

Trainer Numbers in Kanto

  1. Route 26
  2. Route 27

Route 30

Youngster Joey : Ľ64 : Lv4  Rattata

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Route 31

Bug Catcher Wade : Ľ32 : Lv2 Caterpie, Lv2 Weedle, Lv2 Caterpie, Lv2 Caterpie

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Route 32

Picnicker Liz : Ľ180 : Lv9 Nidoran(F)

*Fisherman Ralph : Ľ400 : Lv10 Goldeen

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Route 33

*Hiker Anthony : Ľ320 : Lv11 Geodude, Lv11 Machop

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Route 34

Picnicker Gina : Ľ240 : Lv9 Hoppip, Lv9 Hoppip, Lv12 Bulbasaur

Camper Todd : Ľ280 : Lv14 Psyduck

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Goldenrod City

Bill : A helpful number, Bill clues you into when you've filled up the box you're currently using to contain the wild pokémon you catch.

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Route 35

Juggler Irwin : Ľ560 : Lv2 Voltorb, Lv6 Voltorb, Lv10 Voltorb, Lv 14 Voltorb

*Bug Catcher Arnie : Ľ240 : Lv15 Venonat

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National Park

Poké Fan Beverly : Ľ1120 : Lv14 Snubbull

Schoolboy Jack : Ľ480 : Lv12 Oddish Lv15 Voltorb

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Route 36

Schoolboy Alan : Ľ512 : Lv16 Tangela

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Route 38

Lass Dana : Ľ432 : Lv17 Flaffy, Lv18 Psyduck

*Schoolboy Chad : Ľ608 : Lv17 Mr. Mime

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Route 39

Poké Fan Derek : Ľ1360 : Lv17 Pikachu

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Olivine City

Sailor Huey : Ľ720 : Lv18 Poliwag, Lv18 Poliwhirl

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Route 42

Fisherman Chris : Ľ720 : Lv18 Qwilfish

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Route 43

Picnicker Tiffany : Ľ400 : Lv20 Clefairy

Poké Maniac Brent : Ľ1140 : Lv19 Lickitung

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Route 44

*Fisherman Wilton : Ľ1000 : Lv23 Goldeen, Lv23 Goldeen, Lv25 Seaking

Birdkeeper Vance : Ľ600 : Lv25 Pigeotto, Lv25 Pigeotto

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Route 45

*Hiker Parry : Ľ928 : Lv29 Onix

Blackbelt Kenji : Ľ672 : Lv28 Machoke

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Route 46

Picnicker Erin : Ľ320 : Lv16 Ponyta, Lv16 Ponyta

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Route 26

Cool Trainer(M) Gaven : Ľ1536 : Lv32 Victreebell, Lv32 Kingler, Lv32 Flareon

Cool Trainer(F) Beth : Ľ1728 : Lv36 Rapidash

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Route 27

Birdkeeper Jose : Ľ840 : Lv35 Farfetch'd

Cool Trainer(F) Reena : Ľ1488 : Lv31 Starmie, Lv31 Starmie, Lv31 Nidoqueen

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*In Season Trainers*

Fisherman Ralph : Qwilfish : Route 32

Hiker Anthony : Dunsparce : Dark Cave

Bug Catcher Arnie : Yanma : Route 35

Schoolboy Chad : Snubbull : Route 38

Fisherman Wilton : Remoraid : Route 44

Hiker Parry : Marrill : Mt. Mortar

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